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Long ago in a faraway place called Fargo, hundreds of marketing and sales professionals in the Microsoft Dynamics channel got together for training and networking. Knowledge was shared, new skills were learned and friendships were made that would last for decades. This event was called BBC (Business Building Conference) and later The Partner Event.

Today, there are plenty of events for Microsoft Dynamics users and technical professionals. But what about the marketers? Now, more than ever, we need relevant training focused on our industry. And we need the support of our community. Long time marketers have valuable knowledge to share. New marketers need to be welcomed to our channel and be helped to succeed.

Many of us agreed, it was time to #BringBackBBC.


A small group of marketers, with nostalgic memories and an optimistic ability to minimize the massive amount of work involved in such an endeavor, decided to plan their own version of The BBC event.

The world has expanded, and we are happy to include our marketing friends in the Acumatica, Sage and other related ERP and CRM channels.

This first event on June 23, 2021 will start as just a half day virtual event. If it provides value for our community, we will expand it to a larger event later in the year and consider offering other learning opportunities through the Channel Marketing Academy.

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Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay up to date. While you are there, share your favorite memories of BBC or your wish list for future events.

The Planning Committee

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