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The BBC Event
Recorded Version

Watch the recorded sessions from the June 23, 2021 event.

Nearly 6.5 hours of content that is 100% focused on educating marketers in the ERP/CRM channel.

How the Cool Cats in Marketing Can Get Along With the Big Dogs in Sales



Mac McIntosh, Principle Consultant, The B2B Sales Lead Experts


Want to get your marketing-driven sales raining like cats and dogs? This session, presented by marketing and demand-generation expert Mac McIntosh will help.


You’ll learn:

  • Tricks for getting marketing and sales to work together

  • Ways to impress the big dogs in sales 

  • Steps to take during the marketing, planning and implementation to get them on your side, including: 

    • Questions to ask when rolling out your plans

    • The truth about getting leads followed-up

    • ... and more

Breakout Sessions 
Pro Tips to Update and Optimize Older Blog Posts    



Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP/CRM Software Blogs


There is a never ending demand to create more content in less time. This session will help you find ways to get extra mileage out of old content by re-writing, re-purposing and re-optimizing. Plus, tips and tools to write better blog articles faster. 

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Leverage the LinkedIn Algorithm to Attract Leads   



Candyce Edelen, President/CEO, PropelGrowth


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing your services and products. But as will all marketing, strategy is critically important. In this session, Candyce Edelen will help you understand how to:    

  • Leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to get more traction from posts.   

  • Maximize engagement and reach of content to attract inbound leads   

  • Execute an account-based strategy to engage and get meetings with key accounts   

Panel Discussions
Creative Ideas for Building Your Brand   



Jenny Davis, Organizer of The Partner Event (aka the original BBC Event)


Natalie Jackson, Marketing Director, emfluence digital agency + marketing automation

Julia Flaherty, Digital Marketing Specialist, Ledgeview Partners

Roland Chi, Marketing Manager, Technology Management Concepts



Channel marketers are faced with tough competition in a finite community of end users and partners. Competition is fierce, but many of the tactics and strategies marketers use today haven’t changed much in the last 10 years. In this session, our panelists showcase how channel marketers can take inspiration from B2C marketing, personalization campaigns, immersive experiences and more to stand out in a sea of sameness. 

How to Talk to Management About Marketing    



Marie Wiese, President & Founder, Marketing CoPilot


Amy Spencer, Vice President of Marketing US, HSO

Jennifer Harris, President, Technology Management Concepts

Liz Anderson VP, Partner Marketing, REPAY


It is common for channel marketers have a tough time selling their ideas to management to secure the budget they need for all the ideas they want to execute. In this session, experienced marketers and a business owner will discuss how to talk to management about marketing, how you should position your ask to be heard, and when it makes sense to add someone to the team versus outsourcing the task.   

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Paid Advertising: What is Out There and What Makes the Most Sense for your Organization   



Candyce Edelen, President/CEO, PropelGrowth


Tania Konczynski, Sales and Marketing Director, JOVACO

Matt Chiera, Founder & Principal Consultant, Ice Nine Online

Sam Bush, Director of Marketing, 3Gtms, LLC 


Driving traffic to your website has been the name of the game for years, do you know all the options available to you? Attend this session to learn from personal experiences on paid advertising in our industry such as LinkedIn Marketing, PPC, memberships websites and SEO including budgets, results and use cases.   

What Are Your Marketing Rules to Live By?  



Darcy Boerio, President, DAB Partners


Lindy Belley, Sr. Marketing Manager, HSO

Krista Magnusson, CEO/Founder, Magnusson Enterprises

Brian Dunn, President, Epic Sky


Learn from others in the industry that share their marketing rules to live by to be successful in channel marketing. Topics will include current trends, what has worked for them in the past and what hasn’t!   

Breakout Sessions
Marketing Strategies for ISVs – Why You Need to Step Up Your Game    



Amiee Keenan, Founder, The ISV Society


How will we get results in a world that has gone virtual? Leave this session with easy-to-apply strategies that will immediately improve your campaigns. 

Closing Session
50 Tips in 50 Minutes   


Michelle Glennie, Co-Founder/COO and

Barbara Pfeiffer, Senior Marketing Consultant, The Partner Marketing Group


What does every marketer LOVE? Marketing tips! And our experts have 50 creative tips for you in all areas of marketing including content, design, SEO, social, customer engagement and much, much more. Learn what’s working, what isn’t, hot trends, and ways you can elevate your results - in less than an hour! 


(Fans of the original BBC event will recognize this popular session). 

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50 Marketing Tips in 50 Minutes
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