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Marketing Group Chats are sessions where the marketing minds within the ERP and CRM channels meet to discuss different topics openly and honestly to help build the community and share ideas within the world of marketing. 


These 60-minute sessions will have industry experts leading the conversations but are meant to be a group chat. We hope everyone will bring their questions and share their experiences on our different topics. 

Can’t make the call? Watch recorded sessions at your convenience.

“I always joke with colleagues that we need an 'ERP marketing self-help group' and I feel the CMA Marketing Group Chat calls are a perfect example of how we can all come together and share ideas. Even though we may compete, as marketers we have to look out for each other!”

- Chelsea Didio, RSM US LLP

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April 2023: Paid Search and Paid Social – Costs, Results and Best Practices

Tuesday April 25, 2023 2:00-3:00pm


There is plenty of advice on this topic, but what really counts is what works in our unique channel. This session will discuss the specifics of paid search and paid social done by three marketers focused on branding and lead generation for their ERP/CRM partner organizations.  


Discussion Leaders:

Ben Scotland, Catapult

Emily Gillingham, Sylogist

Brent Knowles, RSM US

This group chat is sponsored by:


The emfluence marketing platform is the perfect compliment to your MS Dynamics environment. The integration allows for a two-way data sync of contacts and leads and campaign reporting in the CRM. We have a top-ranked support team, our interface is fully embedded in the CRM, and we are a Certified Microsoft Partner.

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