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The Channel Marketing Academy was created as a space for marketing professionals working in the ERP/CRM industry to connect and share ideas. We have started with monthly meetup events and will add more features as the community grows.

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Anya Ciecierski

Anya Ciecierski has worked in sales and marketing in the Microsoft Dynamics channel since 1999. She started the Channel Marketing Academy to bring marketers together to share ideas “from the trenches” specifically for our unique ERP/CRM software channel.

Anya is also the co-founder of ERP Software Blog, CRM Software Blog, and ERP Cloud Blog.  These group blog sites reach more than 90,000 readers a month and give exposure to the 150 VAR and ISV members that contribute content. Anya is committed to the idea of “using the power of the group” to benefit the community.

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Michelle Glennie

Michelle Glennie has been working in the technology community for 20+ years in leadership roles spanning marketing, operations, HR and business development. She started the Channel Marketing Academy because she knows how important it is to share diverse expertise and knowledge to help others grow their business through marketing.

In 2008, Michelle co-founded The Partner Marketing Group when she saw a lack of quality marketing resources and services specifically for the channel and industry she was so passionate about. The Partner Marketing Group helps software and technology publishers, partners and ISVs amplify their marketing and revenue.

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Tania Konczynski

Tania Konczynski has been in the Microsoft Dynamics channel for 15+ years as both a VAR and an ISV. She helps with the Channel Marketing Academy calls because she knows that when we all share our knowledge, everyone lifts up a little higher. What she loves most about this industry is that it is always changing and groups like the CMA bring together smart people to share ideas and inspiration.

CMA Volunteer Committee
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This community is dedicated to our friend, Brooke Webb Smith.

Brooke arrived at the first BBC event as a brand new marketer eager to learn, and a decade later she was recognized as a creative leader in our industry. She credited that to her curious nature, and her philosophy to always surround herself by people she could learn from.

Brooke rallied against the unfair treatment of marketers that didn’t get their own continuing education to sharpen their skills, and campaigned for that to change.

Tragically her life was cut short. We dedicate this community to her in an effort to keep her vision alive.

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