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Free Report: Learn About the State of Marketing in 2024

Today's software and technology marketing landscape is not the same as it was a year ago. It is constantly changing, leaving channel marketers with no choice but to adapt – or be left behind. Within an increasingly digital world, and the continuation of the work-from-anywhere workforce, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on your top marketing objectives and allocate your budget wisely.

The 2024 Technology Marketing Benchmarks & Trends Report from The Partner Marketing Group contains eight chapters full of data compiled from surveying software and technology marketers about their strategy and data, as well as tips, recommendations, and advice from channel marketing experts. Below is a brief breakdown of what you can expect in the report.

Annual Budget Recommendations

In 2023, 44% of businesses spent the largest portion of their budget on events. This was a sizeable jump from a meager 16% the year before. Are software and technology companies reincorporating events and tradeshows into their marketing strategies and tactics? Time will tell!

Lead Generation – What’s Working & What’s Not

Content creation has reclaimed it’s crown as the #1 most active lead generation tactic for technology marketers. In addition, events have made a huge leap, with 65% of marketers stating it as an active and effective lead generation tactic. How interesting!

Do you know the most and least effective lead generation tactics? Check out the report to find out.

Marketing Tools & Artificial Intelligence

That’s right – we asked about the hottest topic in marketing: AI tools. It turns out, 67% of marketers are using AI tools in their marketing campaigns. Read the report to find out how, where, and why.


The report doesn’t stop there, it deep dives into even more – including SEO/SEM, social media trends and tactics, the value of content and marketing strategy, and so much more. The report serves as a resource for channel marketers to learn how to achieve better results from their marketing efforts, and see how their plans stack up against their peers.

About The Partner Marketing Group

Since 2008, The Partner Marketing Group has provided a variety of custom-tailored services to help software and technology marketers. With years of blended experience in innovative marketing and technology expertise, The Partner Marketing Group is a trusted partner who understands your industry and works as an extension of your team. Our solutions and services have been designed around the top needs of the marketers we serve, and we offer the creativity and experience to build, execute or create anything for any company’s specific needs. Learn more about The Partner Marketing Group.

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