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13 Creative Ways ERP/CRM Partners Can Use Case Studies & Success Stories

Case studies are a lot of work. So when you have a good one, you want to make sure that you use it, use it, use it! Here are some creative ideas beyond just sticking it on your website, or printing it out and handing it out at a trade show.

Creative ways to use your customer case studies:

  1. Of course, you want to summarize the information and put it into a blog post. I'm all about blogging. Hopefully, you can get multiple blog posts out of one case study.

  2. Select snippets to use on social media - LinkedIn, Twitter - and drive people back to that case study. (And make sure you use industry hashtags)

  3. Feature it in an email blast to prospects.

  4. Pull out the testimonials/quotes to use on various pages of your website or in sales documentation. Those testimonials are GOLD.

  5. Use it in a direct mail piece. You can get very creative and even do kind of a lumpy piece where you put some kind of a gift or something in the envelope. So they have to open it, and they get to see this nice case study as well. This especially can work well in industry-specific marketing.

  6. Send your case study to prospects to resurrect the lead. Perhaps three months ago, when you spoke to them last, you didn't have this case study yet. This is a reason to reach out to them again, to say, "hey, read our latest case study." You can do that by email or even with a LinkedIn direct message.

  7. Combine several success stories into an industry or product focused eBook. Use Canva or hire an artist on Fiverr to do this for you if you don't have a graphics person in house.

  8. Send a copy of the case study to your referral sources to show them your expertise. Sometimes our referral sources don't actually know what the best type of lead is to give us. So by giving them a case study, you can say, "I want more clients like this."

  9. Give that case study to Microsoft or other vendors that you're working with to showcase what you've been doing for clients and make yourself top of mind.

  10. Share it with your internal team. Sales get the accolades for closing deals but the consultants make it happen and they aren’t celebrated nearly enough. The case study will make them proud of their role. It also shows them what to look for and helps create a storytelling mindset.

  11. Of course, you can use it as the basis for a case study video at the client location.

  12. Invite the client to do a webinar with you, to discuss their experience.

  13. You can go old school and promote it in a press release.

So, there are lots and lots of things you can do with a case study. It is not easy to write, but once you do, you want to make sure to use it a lot.

Case Study Writing Services If you want me to write case studies for you, let me know, this is a service that I'm offering now for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partners.

Case Study Creation Offer

I've been in this Dynamics channel for 20+ years so I assure you I know all the lingo and selling points to highlight.

Here are a few samples of recent work:

By Anya Ciecierski, ERP/CRM Software Blog Editor & Collaboration Works Marketing

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