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While it is great to chat, sometimes you want more. We will invite experts from our channel to provide actual training classes that dive deep into topics that impact marketers.  This is a way for you to build your skills and provide more value to your organization.

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What You Need to Know to Use LinkedIn Ads: Strategies, Analytics, and Insider Tips
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What You Need to Know to Use LinkedIn Ads: Strategies, Analytics, and Insider Tips

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Cost: $79


Find out how a successful marketer in our channel is able to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn advertising in this dynamic session led by Amanda Sherry, Director of Marketing at Western Computer. She will dive deep into the art of crafting compelling ad campaigns on one of the most influential professional platforms. This 1-hour session is not a chat, it is real training you can put into practice to get better results.

You’ll learn:

  • Essential Steps Before Clicking 'Login': A pre-LinkedIn checklist to maximize your ad success.

  • Crafting Your Ad Blueprint: Techniques to define and refine your advertising strategy.

  • Targeting Mastery: How to pinpoint your audience for maximum engagement.

  • Analytics Unveiled: Embrace the power of data with a deep dive into metrics that matter.

  • Proven Best Practices: Gain exclusive access to a curated list of tips from LinkedIn consultants.

  • Wisdom Without the Wounds: Learn from the missteps without the cost, as I share hard-earned lessons from years running LinkedIn ads

  • Budgets: What you can expect to pay to LinkedIn to see results.


Cost: $79

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