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Invitation to Learn How to Get More Leads From Prospecting on LinkedIn

Every business needs healthy and consistent revenue, and that requires consistent prospecting.

This will be even more important as the economy enters a recession. Prospects will be more reluctant to commit. To compensate, you’ll need to double and even triple your normal pipeline in order to keep revenue flowing in.

But it can be hard to stay consistent with prospecting, especially if you've got multiple responsibilities in your job or business. And if you struggle to get consistently good results with prospecting, it can feel like a futile effort.

I’ve been working with Candyce Edelen, who landed on an approach that dramatically simplifies prospecting using LinkedIn. She’s had some impressive results. She currently gets meetings with 71% of the people she approaches!!

She’s been teaching this to other business owners and sales teams, and her clients are getting impressive results.

Her last cohort included 2 ISVs, a marketing consultant, a financial services firm, 3 ERP resellers and a tech services company.

By the end of their 12-week coaching program, these members were averaging a 54% meeting acceptance rate (meaning that for every 10 people they invited to an introductory meeting, 5.4 booked).

If you want to learn more about Candyce’s 90-Day Prospecting Accelerator, click here.

I have personally done this Accelerator workshop and it made a tremendous impact on my business, that is why I am choosing to share it. I went from someone who was only annoyed by LinkedIn to someone who is on it every day.

If you join PropelGrowth’s Prospecting Accelerator, in just 90 days, they'll help you:

  • Build a network filled with your ideal customers

  • Book a steady flow of calls with qualified leads

  • Fill your pipeline and crush your sales goals

This intensive 90-Day Accelerator is for small business owners and salespeople who need results quickly.

Heads up - There are only 19 seats available, so if you’re interested in this, I suggest you move quickly. Cost is $4,600 per person or $8,600 for a team of two.

As a reminder, the Accelerator will help you consistently get in the door with your ideal sales prospects.

It's a live, small-group training program that runs for 12 weeks starting July 12th. The goal is to help you accelerate your pipeline growth.

When I talk to people about the Accelerator, these are some of the questions they ask:

How much time does this take?

The training part is just an hour and 15 minutes per week. But you'll also need to invest time in prospecting every week (which is something you should be doing anyway). Most Accelerator members invest 3-5 hours per week in prospecting on LinkedIn. Your investment will depend on how many leads you need. Candyce can help you figure that out, using her 90-Day Action Plan calculator.

What if my prospects aren't active on LinkedIn?

This approach is easiest if your prospects visit LinkedIn regularly, even if they're not actively commenting or posting. However, a couple past Accelerator members found that their prospects were easier to reach via email. If that's the case, you just take the same approach we apply to LinkedIn, and adapt it for email. It would also work on other social media platforms. Candyce can show you how to tell whether a specific prospect is active on LinkedIn. And if they're not, she'll help you reach them via other channels.

Do I need Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is not essential, but it will make you far more efficient. Candyce will show you how to create lead lists and account maps that will help you make the most of your prospecting time. She has also done this without Navigator, and can show you how to use Google to get around the commercial search limitations that affect free LinkedIn accounts.

My LinkedIn network is small, will this still work for me?

Most of the Accelerator members have fewer than 1,000 connections. Some started with less than 400. The approach Candyce teaches will help you build your network with high quality connections.

What if I can't attend all the meetings?

Stuff happens! PropelGrowth records every session and puts them up in a library where you can access them when it's convenient for you. During each session, there's a lot of conversation between cohort members about what's working and what's not working. They share tips and bat around ideas. Most of the members go back and listen to recordings even if they attended live, so they can capture some of these important details.

How soon can I expect to get results?

You're going to start prospecting very early in the program. You'll get some wins just because you're out there trying. At first, it will be hard, and you'll make mistakes. But Candyce will encourage you to get out and take as many swings as you can, even if you miss the ball most of the time. She can only help you correct your swing if you're actually swinging the bat. Generally by about week 5, everyone in the cohort will start consistently landing meetings with ideal prospects.

Does PropelGrowth offer a guarantee?

If you attend the first two sessions and don't feel you're getting value, PropelGrowth will refund your money. While Candyce can't guarantee that you'll meet your sales goals, I can assure you that everyone who has put in the effort to learn this approach has succeeded in consistently getting meetings with prospects. Members have told us that Accelerator was a very worthwhile investment. (frankly, if that wasn't the case, we wouldn’t recommend it!)

If you're still wondering whether the Accelerator is right for you, then we recommend that you talk with Candyce! Click here to access her calendar and pick a time that works for you.

Seats are going fast, so if you'd like to join the summer Accelerator, click here to grab your seat. It starts on July 12. Cost is $4,600 per person or $8,600 for a team of two.

By Anya Ciecierski, Co-Founder, ERP/CRM Software Blog

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