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Speaker Tutorial
Sponsor Tutorial

A few more hints for speakers and attendees:

Don’t click the blue logo on top right of screen while you are in a session, it will kick you out of the event.


Do not click the back button, do all your navigation from the left side panel.


You can chat in several areas – the main event chat, session chat etc… make sure you are looking at the right chat.


If you have ability to have Hopin open on 2 screens you can share your screen on one, and see what attendees see on the other screen.


Beware if you use “hide” when sharing screen as it is hard to get back to event screen.


Don't assume that people will see if you send them a direct message.  Panel moderators should not rely on that to communicate with their panels. 

More training for speakers.

 If you start watching at 5:30mark it tells you what you need to know as a speaker in a session (versus the main stage).

Training for ATTENDEES: 

Best Practices for Hopin Speakers PDF 

Info for attendees:


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